Since fall semester 2023 she is studying a bachelor in Choral Conducting at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm for prof. Mats Nilsson. The program’s main focus is advanced choral music and contains regular projects with professional singers and ensembles. The repertoire consists of everything from early gregorian chant to contemporary Swedish music. Before 2023, she took part of a mentor program initiated by The Swedish Choral Conductor’s Association, being guided as a young conductor by choir conductor and church musician Mats Bertilsson. In 2024 she started the ensemble Tusen Tungor for treble voices, based in Stockholm. The choir concists of 24 singers with different musical backgrounds with a common interest for early western music and folkmusic.

Den älskande / The Loving One

Choral piece in four movements for SATB and Mezzosoprano

Den älskande (The Loving One) is a poem by the Finnish/Swedish poet Solveig von Schoults (1908-1996). It's divided in two parts, and Linnea Landström has made it into four movements, everyone with a special character. It has been altered since it was written and the final version was completed in 2022. The singers in the video was put together for the occasion: Elin Oskarsson, Linnéa Gunnarsson, Maria Engström, Siri Marklund, Linnea Lindström, Åsa Lundberg Bosk, Victor Berrio García, Niklas Lindström, Gabriel Hällqvist, Markus Sandberg. Soloist is Julia Sigblad, conductor and composer is Linnea Landström. 

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