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Linnea Landström is a Swedish composer, choral conductor, vocalist and producer. She is based in Stockholm and Örebro, but was born in Luleå, the north of Sweden. At the moment she is studying a Bachelor in Choral Conducting for Mats Nilsson and Fredrik Malmberg at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Between 2017-2017 she studied  composition  for Simon Schierup and Tebogo Monnakgotla at the School of Music, Theatre and Art in Örebro. Since 2022 she is chairperson for the Swedish delegation of the nordic composition organisation Ung Nordisk Musik - a rotating festival  for contemporary art composers under 31, held every year in some of the nordic countries. In august 2024, the festival is being organized in Örebro, Sweden. As a vocalist, she is trained both in classical singing and jazz singing which gives a direct and clear sound close to the speaking voice. She sings second soprano in the choir Olaus Petri Vocalis, based in Örebro. Olaus Petri Vocalis is conducted by Mats Bertilsson and the choir has been performing in Westminister Abbey and St: Pauls Cathederal in London, amongst other placed. Every year the ensemble is doing Bach cantatas together with Drottningsholms Baroque Ensemble. Linnea Landström is also teaching music theory and composition at Sjöviks Folkhögskola.


2023 - 2026

Bachelor in Choral Conducting  at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm

2020 - 2021

Composition and Arranging I, Second Cycle / Advanced Level at the School of Music, Theatre and Art, Örebro 

2017 - 2020

Bachelor in Composition at the School of Music, Theatre and Art,  Örebro

2015 - 2017

Studies in jazz vocals, choral conducting and composition at Sjöviks Folkhögskola, Avesta



Choral piece commissioned by Västerås Kammarkör (for 2024)

Orchestral piece commissioned by Eskilstuna Symfoniorkester á 10 min (for 2024)

Theatre music for string quartet - production Vägen (The Trip) á 40 min. Supported by the Swedish Arts Council

Scholarship: Ställbergs gruva composition residency á 20 000 SEK


Choral piece "Nattens sånger" commissioned Uppsala Feministkör

Choral piece "Blomstervisor" commissioned  by Sjöviks folkhögskola

Scholarship: Elin Wägners Vistelsestipendium á 15 000 SEK (March 2023)

Selected composer with the piece "RUM" by Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare for a chamber music collaboration with Malvakvartetten.



Selected composer with the piece "Passager" to the UNM-festival (Ung Nordisk Musik) in Aarhus, Denmark.

Finalist in Anders Wall and Allmänna Sången Composition Award 2021 with the choral piece "Den älskande"



Scholorship: STIM in the category contemporary art music á 10 000 SEK

Finalist in Linköping Studentsångare Composition Award with the choral piece "Heart, we will forget him!"

Scholorship: Valborg Aulins Tonsättarstipendium á 10 000 SEK

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