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A composers own description of their music is always a slippery slope, you want the listener to make their own perception. With that said, I would describe my music as an intuitive search for the big questions in a little piece of music, and vise versa. With a tonal center the harmony is free and excited to v discover new directions. In terms of melodies, they are often inspired by the Swedish folk tradition, but also contemporary nordic jazz. Since I am a vocalist, I often thinking of the instruments as voices concerning phrasing, breathing and interpretation. I want the instrument to "sing". For choral music, the texts are always in center - sometimes written by me and sometimes by others. I try to connect the rhythm of the language with my writing for an organic movement.

I often start the process by making a visual map of what the music should be like. Sometimes I follow the map, sometimes not. I see it as the music is in charge of me, not the other way around. I have to follow the music.

For more information and sound samples in my different projects, click on each subcategory. 

Linnea Landström

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