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Ett Musikteater is a small and low key theatre company based in Avesta, Dalarna. The company has made two productions: Cabaret (2018, 2019) and Vägen / The Trip (2023). Both productions was played in the old ironworks (today museum of art) in Avesta, called Verket. This unique environment gives the company it's identity and desire to tell important stories. Linnea Landström is producer and composer in the company since 2022. For more information, please visit the facebook page. To know more about the music, click here



Ung Nordisk Musik is a umbrella organization where every nordic country has their own board. The UNM festival, comprising new music from young artists with a connection to the North, is organized yearly. It is an event that each of the five Nordic countries take turns in hosting, which means the festival takes place in a different country every year. The UNM festival is a platform for new music by artists up to 30 years of age. The works performed in the festival are selected through a Call for Works announced by the Nordic countries respectively. That creates an extensive program with a total of 35 works being performed in the festival together with workshops and lectures often given by guest composers. The event usually takes place during the last week of August each year.

In 2024 Sweden will host the UNM-festival in Örebro and since Linnea Landström is chair of UNM Sweden, she is also responsible for the festival. This year, a residency is also being organized in collaboration with Ställbergs gruva. Other collaborations partners for the festival is for examble Kulturkvarteret, Örebro Musikhögskola, Open Art etc.

The UNM festival dates back as far as 1946 when it first took place. UNM is a nonprofit organization and the people involved in the making of the festival works on a volunteer basis.

For more information, visit the website


Dramakuten is a music theatre group containing the friends and ccolleagues Alice Andersson, Molly Andersson and Linnea Landström. The trio has produced the production Lavinne & Rosas Skrädderi for children 5-8 years old, based on the music of Edith Piaf. It premiered 2021 in Malmö and since then they have been playing for about 30 shows for children around Sweden. They are all musicians by heart with a curious interest of acting and performance art. In 2024 Dramakuten is planning on creating a knew production for children.

Alice Andersson: Alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, vocals

Molly Andersson: Clarinet, accordion, vocals

Linnea Landström: Keys, vocals


Diamonds in the rough was a project curated by Linnea Landström and Ia Erlandsson, taking place in Örebro during spring and early fall 2023. The aim was to introduce composition and music creating to young women and trans / non-binary people. During workshops led by Linnea and Ia, the participants got some tools for making a composition for string quartet, which ended up in a concert with the professional quartet Wirénkvartetten, the 7th of October 2023. There was also a Call for Works included in the project where three up and coming-composers were chosen, and their pieced was also performed at the concert. Linnea and Ia was producers for the project along with Örebro Kammarmusikförening.

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