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RUM - tre miniatyrer för stråkkvartett
ROOM - three miniatures for string quartet

RUM was first written for Stenhammar Quartet during Linnea Landströms studies, but has also been played by Wirénkvartetten and Malvakvartetten (Malva Quartet, performing in the video). The first movement Disken (The Dishes) and the last movement Drömmen (The Dream) is written in a very direct manner, while the the second movement Dramat (The Drama) is not as literally.  It as been altered many times since it was written in 2018 and Malva is playing the final version (2022). The recording is a collaboration between  Malva and Swedish Society of Composers. Musicians are Linnea Viklund, Knapp Brita Pettersson, Maria Jonsson and Maja Molander.

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Passager for chamber orchestra or sinfonietta

Passager (Passages in English) was written in 2020. It's been performed by The Swedish Chamber Orchestra (conductor Jan Risberg) and Aarhus Sinfonietta (conductor Tom Goff). The piece is inspired by meetings and non-meetings between people, and was constructed by vocal improvisations.

Här fanns vatten for violin, clarninet in Bb and piano

Här fanns vatten (There was water here) was written in 2020. It's a take on the Swedish folkmelodi "Slängpolska efter Arvid Lundqvist från Harads". Harads is a village outside of Boden, Norrbotten that was very effected by the hydroelectric power station that was built in the 1950's in Luleälven (Luleå River). Because of this change, the part of the river called Edeforsen was destroyed and the population of salmon disappeared. The musicians playing in this recording is Kristin Kennemark (violin), Markus Mattson (clarinet) and Olga Albasini (piano). 

Fortfarande letar jag vågen for treble voices / choir

Fortfarande letar jag vågen (I am still looking for the wave) was written in 2016 and is one of Linnea Landström's first compositions. The lyrics (written by the composer) is kind of an inner dialogue going on, questioning the search of happiness. It's been performed many times by the choir Discordia (conductor Hallie Reed Slettergren). 

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